Who Is Tracy?

Hi, my name is Tracy and I am an outdoors enthusiast, an avid long distance runner, a frustrated golfer and a high maintenance camper.

Over the years, there is nothing that I have enjoyed more than walking my three dogs; Piper, Kristy and Kayla. Unfortunately, Piper and Kayla have passed on but Kristy still loves her walks even at 14 years of age.

In recent years, my friends began asking me to make house visits to take care of their dogs for them while they were away, because they know how much I love dogs. I have always said yes. I have enjoyed every minute of it and so have the dogs.

It is because of my love for pets and the desire to care for their daily needs, as well as the freedom of being outdoors that has drove me to leave my office manager position of 10 years and pursue a career in pet care.

With the support and encouragement from my veterinarian, groomer and dog trainer, I have created a service to help busy or absent, yet loving people, care for their pets.

Dog Walking

A large number of pet behavioral problems have their origin in boredom. Excessive barking, urinating, chewing and rowdiness can simply be alleviated by regular excercise.

We love our pets but our time restraints sometimes does not allow for regular walks or playtime, not even for ourselves. Even our work schedule and social obligations can prevent us from coming home to let our dog out for timely washroom breaks.

I can offer your pet consistent walks, runs and games in parks, on trails or in your neighbourhood. I can accomodate any schedule or requirement.

Pet Sitting

Veterinarians and dog trainers all agree, the most stress free way to board your dog is in their own home. While you are on vacation or away on business, your pet can continue living in comfortable, safe and familiar surroundings.

Whether you are gone over- night, an extended weekend or a week-long vacation, I will visit morning, afternoon and evening to care for your pet.

I will provide your pet with food, water, exercise and play time. You will come home to a happy pet who has received the best of care in your absence.


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