"Working Overtime Again?"

"Socially Over-Obligated?"

"Too Many Errands and Responsibilities?"

"Away on Business or Vacation?"

Stop the Guilt!

I'm here for your pet when you can't be!


Dog Walking and Visits

Exercise and a bathroom break, in your neighbourhood or backyard, followed up with treats and liquids. Medication can be administered if required. Individual attention in safe and familiar surroundings. Lots of scratching behind the ears and belly rubs at no charge.

Puppy Playdates

Potty training and lunch for your growing youngster. Reinforcing walking on leash using positive training methods. Silly games and cute tricks encouraged.

Cat Care and Companionship

Meals and water refreshment followed by litter box clean-up. Can administer any medication or perform light grooming. Will provoke games of catnip induced string chasing.

Pet Sitting

Multiple daily visits to your residence, to care for your pets and home, while you are absent. Exercise, meals, medication, light grooming, affection and conversation are all expertly provided for your pets. In addition, regular security home checks, mail and newspaper collection and plant watering. No more coming home to an unhappy pet or an unkept home. Animals remain stress-free as they "board" in their own homes, where they are safe and comfortable, providing you with guilt and worry free pet and home care.

Pet Taxi

No time to bring your pets to the groomer or veterinarian? Hire a driver! A taxi service to bring them to their appointments and pick them up afterward. Seat belts always used for safety.





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