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Dog Wisdom

Today I Sniffed Many Dog's Behinds. I Celebrate By Kissing Your Face.

- Dog Unkown

I Love My Master; Thus I Perfume Myself With This Long-Rotten Squirrel.

- Author Unkown

If There Are No Dogs In Heaven, Then I Want To Go Where They Went.

- Will Rogers

Nobody Can Fully Understand Love Unless He's Owned By A Dog.

- Gene Hill

Words To Live By

Don't Carry Anything That's Too Big To Fit In Your Mouth.

- Dog Unkown

Dog's Don't Bite, When A Growl Will Do.

- Matt Weinstein

In Order To Really Enjoy A Dog, One Doesn't Merely Try To Train Him To Be Semi-Human. The Point Of It Is To Open Oneself To The Possibility Of Becoming Partly Dog

- Edward Hoagland

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